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The Construction Accord

A commitment between industry and the public sector to create a thriving and high-performing construction sector in Scotland

The Construction Accord

The CLF has overseen the development of a Draft Construction Accord between the public sector and the industry.

The Accord establishes a dynamic collaboration for all the Scottish public sector and the whole of the construction industry to improve outcomes for the businesses and workforce which make up the construction and associated industries and from the industry for its clients, the economy, wider society and the environment.

Following a series of stakeholder consultations, on 13 October 2022, the CLF published its Scottish Construction Accord. It includes:

  • A Shared Vision for the construction and related industries in Scotland
  • A series of agreed outcomes which support the shared vision
  • Collaborative working arrangements based on the CLF which is chaired by the Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise
  • An approach to developing a Transformation Action Plan for the industry along with commitments to principles and behaviours of participation

To deliver on those outcomes, the Construction Accord has set out a series of collaborative working groups to develop an industry Transformation Plan covering areas as diverse as procurement practices, fair work and skills for the sector, net zero, digital transformation and reinforcing a quality culture.

The CLF believes that transformation must impact everyone in the industry and help attract new people.

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