Scottish Construction Industry
Recovery Plan

The construction industry in Scotland has, like many others, been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Construction and related business leaders, wider industry, trade, professional and trades union representatives and Scottish Government have come together to collaboratively develop an Industry Recovery Plan with clearly defined actions to be delivered and tracked over the short, medium and long term to support the industry to rebuild better. This is a living plan with the first steps and pathway for joint action set out here. Feedback from industry and other interested parties is welcome and will be considered as the plan is developed and this site updated.

Scottish Construction
Leadership Forum

The Scottish Construction Leadership Forum is a collaborative initiative of Construction Scotland and the Scottish Government. It was established in March 2019 to develop and implement an action plan of improvement initiatives aligned with Government policies and the Construction Scotland Industry Strategy. Several streams of work are ongoing and prior to Covid-19, the Forum was at the early stages of considering a wider agenda for change across the industry.