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Our Industry

Our vision is for a sustainable, profitable, diverse and innovative construction sector that benefits all of Scotland.

Delivering change through collaboration & data insights

Our construction industry is important for more than its contribution to the economy and jobs. It is the creator and maintainer of our infrastructure, homes and the wider built environment, which is all around us and plays a key role in how we live, work, learn and play.

The industry will play a pivotal role in how Scotland delivers its net-zero commitments and deliver energy efficient buildings across the whole of our built environment.

How we improve our construction sector will be driven with a focus on people, collaboration and data insights.

The Construction Industry Data Dashboard

There are many sources of data that can provide insight into different areas of the construction industry.

In October 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CLF published the Construction Industry Recovery Plan that set out a short term action to consolidate and develop new insight in the construction sector through a Data Dashboard.

In response to this recommendation, Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (BE-ST) in partnership with the public sector and industry, developed and published the Scottish Construction Industry Data Dashboard to provide improved transparency and co-ordination on the data we hold for the construction sector.

This dashboard seeks to combine various sources and display key information in an accessible format, whilst still allowing the user to interrogate individual datasets.

The dashboard provides insight into the following sections of the industry:

Economic icon
Employment icon
Employment & Earnings
Health & safety icon
Health & Safety
Training and education icon
Training & Education

The data used in these sections are pre-defined as “Construction” (or similar) at source, however the CLF recognises the industry as being further reaching than these standard, pre-defined categories currently account for.

As such, we have also included a section on Construction Industry Reach, and where data is available at such a level, we have “re-classified” it to meet the CLF definition of the industry.

Housing development

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Feedback, comments and questions are welcome from anyone who shares the CLF's interest in the health and success of the construction industry in Scotland.