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Our Pipeline

A live pipeline providing industry with greater transparency on future construction work within Scotland to support planning, investment and growth

Pipeline of over 1,660 projects valued at over £11.6bn

For some time there has been a consistent message from the construction industry in Scotland, citing the need for clear visibility of an anticipated pipeline of work across the public sector.

In October 2020 and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CLF published the Construction Industry Recovery Plan that included a short term action to deliver a forecast construction pipeline database extending to the wider public sector.

In response to this recommendation, infrastructure body, the Scottish Futures Trust in partnership with the public sector and industry, developed and published the Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool for Scotland.

Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool on a laptop

The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool

The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool provides a look forward to the anticipated public sector spend within construction.

Industry Benefits

  • Provides business confidence through greater transparency of forecast construction spend
  • Enables targeted upskilling and business investment to respond to future pipeline projects
  • Enables greater collaboration within the supply chain

Public Sector Benefits

  • An efficient and centrally managed system to enable greater transparency
  • Enables greater collaboration and insight in forecast investment by place
  • Supports the development of a sustainable and prosperous construction industry to deliver high quality public sector infrastructure

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